Personal Development

Start With Why

Simon Sinek’s book “Start With Why” is one of the best books I have read about business and leadership. I recommend this book to everyone who wants...


#4 Fundamental of Money: 80/20 Rule of Thumb

80/20 Rule Pareto’s Principle states that 20% of your activities will account for 80% of your results. The key is identifying that 20% of the most...

Personal Development

The Benefits of Single Tasking

Focusing on money can be difficult in our current world full of distractions. A commitment to single tasking may be an effective way to improve your...


The #1 Fundamental Of Money

Don’t make any personal finance decision that you don’t understand the basics of. You don’t need a PHD to be able to make sound money decisions.


SCC Spotlight Speaker ∙ Video

I was the “Spotlight Speaker” at the SCC Entrepreneurship Center Focus Suites. I enjoy the services they provide for small business owners like me.


Financial Coach vs. Money Manager

I have been asked recently to clarify what I do and how it differs from a “Money or Financial Manager.” Here are a few of the details of how I am...

Personal Development

SMART Goal Setting

80% of New Years resolutions will fail by Valentine’s Day. Why is it so hard to follow through? One mistake that people make is in poor goal setting....


Financial Advisor vs Coach

How do you tell the difference between a financial advisor and a financial coach? Are they the same thing? What are the benefits of each?

Personal Development

How to Overcome Guilt and Shame

We all make mistakes with money. Understanding the difference between guilt and shame has made me change my approach to money decisions.

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