About Us

Founded by Philip Andrew, also known as FiscalDad, our mission is to guide families toward financial freedom with practical advice and personal coaching. After decades of personal financial experiences and professional training through Ramsey Solutions, Philip offers tailored financial strategies that help individuals and families achieve their financial goals. Join us to transform your financial challenges into opportunities for growth and stability.

What Makes FiscalDad Unique

Empowering families with personalized financial coaching and proven success strategies.

  • Personal Experience
  • Tailored Coaching
  • Proven Results
  • Community Focused

Our Story

FiscalDad was born from the personal financial journey of Philip Andrew, a father of three, who transformed his family's financial destiny alongside his wife, Anne. After decades of financial ups and downs, Philip, also known as FiscalDad, decided that enough was enough. In 2018, he and Anne made a pivotal decision to turn their financial situation around. This was not just about budgeting; it was about changing their financial mindset and behaviors for good.

Over 20 years as an at-home dad, while juggling various side jobs, Philip had first-hand experience of the financial pressures that come with raising a family. When the pandemic took away some of his income sources, it sparked a deeper passion in him for financial education. Realizing the widespread need for practical financial guidance, Philip completed the Financial Coach Master Training series through Ramsey Solutions to enhance his understanding and ability to help others.

Today, FiscalDad is more than just a financial coaching service; it is a testament to what is possible when you commit to change. Philip now applies his real-life experiences and formal training to coach others towards achieving their own financial goals. He teaches personal finance and small business management at Southeast Community College in Nebraska and serves as the Lincoln instructor for the Association of Financial Educators.

At FiscalDad, we are dedicated to helping you write your own success story, offering personalized coaching tailored to the unique needs of individuals, families, and entrepreneurs. Whether it's getting out of debt, saving for the future, or managing financial crises, FiscalDad provides the tools and support you need to achieve financial stability and freedom.